Made in Brasil

This restaurant brings together the atmosphere and joie de vivre of a Brazilian beach party, from the unfinished driftwood tables and floor to ceiling shuttered windows to the natural warm hues that abound. Although it's location on Inverness Street may not exactly do justice to what the golden sands of Brazil may have on offer, Made in Brasil is a genuine effort to capture the best of Brazilian food, drink and music.

12 Inverness Street,
The menu accommodates both classic and contemporary tastes, so expect to find the famous mixed pork and black bean stew served with basmati rice, sautéed greens, grated cassava and orange segments alongside salmon steak with a poppy seed crust with glazed vegetables and pesto. Brazilian street food is also well-represented by chicken pastry with chilli sauce, salt cod fritters and fried plantain.
It's not uncommon to see glasses of caipirinha doing the rounds at Made in Brasil, and with over 10 different variations, this sublime drink goes well to ignite the feisty Brazilian spirit.

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